The story of Goldensilk

Vietnam is a land steeped in rich cultural heritage and history. To this day, ancient temple and mausoleum systems with histories stretching back thousands of years remain meticulously preserved, housing a massive trove of antique floral patterns intimately tied to the nation's storied past. These age-old floral motifs and decorative designs can readily be found adorning roof ridges, columns, beams, sculptural friezes, walls, and even remnants of clay roof tiles, each bearing its own distinctive and unique ornamentation.


Over the years, we've traveled extensively, visiting historic sites and immersing ourselves in the vibrant world of pictorial art whispering tales of a thousand-year legacy. Stepping into the ancient northern temple grounds, a reverent hush envelops us, the muted lighting casting a somber glow that instills a contemplative mood, our voices unconsciously softening to preserve this tranquil atmosphere. Amidst the silence, we gaze upon swaths of floral patterns unfolding across the sanctuary halls, above and below, to the left and right, with the most exquisite and stately motifs gracing the central spaces. Intricately carved yet subtly nuanced, the antique patterns play with light and shadow, their lines occasionally disrupted by shards of broken tile through which slivers of sunlight pierce, illuminating ethereal pockets of space.


What strikes us most is the rustic yet profound quality of the northern temple woodcarvings, at times approaching the realms of contemporary painting and graphic art. Though featuring familiar classics like pine-bamboo-chrysanthemum-plum, the four nobles of dragon-phoenix-turtle-kylin, and the three friends of peach-pomegranate-Buddha's hand, the motifs are rendered with pared-down lines and shapes, the compositions looser and more buoyant, transcending staid conventions. Even iconic figures like dragons and phoenixes take on novel, stylized forms. We can't help imagining the ancients of this land – restrained yet at their core unbound, their souls soaring freely beyond constraints and dogma, breathing whimsical dreams into everyday sculptures and murals.


Enchanted and reverent, we resolved to delve deeper into these decorative patterns, their histories and symbolism, to inherit and evolve them into To Vang's distinctive silk scarf designs. From the rustic engravings found on stone tablets, column remnants in ancient communal halls, clay tiles and brick reliefs, we retraced the motifs in lines and shapes, curating primary and supporting ornamentation that harmoniously interplay.


Our favored style is a balanced, symmetric layout with repeated quaternary elements – no matter which corner one begins with, the composition remains consistent when rotating the square silk scarf. This classical, concentric arrangement with a central anchoring image encircled by orbiting motifs has endured from antiquity. 


To Vang's vibrant, dynamic color palette evokes joy, liberty, and positive energy. The interplay of complementary and contrasting hues imbues each scarf design with a distinct personality. We derive immense delight exploring up to ten unique colorways, or more, for every pattern – an endlessly enthralling chromatic interplay as new tones and shades unveil surprising nuances.


Over the past eight years, To Vang has created nearly twenty designs in richly varied, vivacious colorways centered on natural themes and Vietnamese culture. We are grateful for your cherished support through this journey. May we continue unearthing this precious artistic heritage together, sustainably, for years to come!